Welcome to the LP section! Here you can check out some rare and cool Christian Metal LPs.Also, if you don't have a vinyl player you can also use them as cool decoration and put them on the wall.

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    narnia we still believe - professional live album recorded in Brazil!

    NARNIA - We Still Believe (Live) LP  
    Brilliant live album with an amazing sound quality! It is recorded in Brazil with a very enthusiastic crowd that loudly sings along to every tune. Wow! To listen to this live album truly makes you feel like are in the audience. A fantastic live album and one of the best, ever! Available on Limited Gatefold double LP that is printed in 300 copies only! (€30/$35) in store

    saint in the battle on white vinyl!SAINT - In The Battle   
    Saint's comeback album is now finally available on white vinyl! Great Classic Heavy Metal for fans of bands like Judas Priest. ($23/€20) in store

    Crystavox great melodic 80s metal! CRYSTAVOX - Crystavox (Remastered)   
    Very catchy melodic hardrock with cathy hooks and cool guitar solos! All tunes are remastered making them sounding better than ever with a fuller and crisper sound. Fans of real 80 melodic metal definately gonna enjoy this. Check it out if you are into bands like Stryper, Whitecross and melodic 80s hardrock/metal overall. Available on black vinyl ($20/€17)and purple vinyl ($27/€22, printed in 150 copies).in store

    Crystavox the bottom line - great melodic metalCRYSTAVOX - The Bottom Line (Remastered)   
    Heavy, catchy and melodic is 3 words to decribe the sound of this brilliant album! Crystavox second album features a heavier sound than their debut. Great catchy Melodic Metal album with crunchy biting guitars. All tunes are remastered making these great tunes sounds better than ever. Higly recommended to all fans of catchy Melodic Heavy Metal! Available on black vinyl ($20/€17) and red vinyl ($27/€22, printed in 150 copies).in store

    stryper God damn evilSTRYPER - God Damn (Condemn) Evil
    Stryper's new album is a great mix of old and new with plenty of catchy hooks,guitar solos, cool screams and a melodic & heavy sound reminding of their two latest albums. Excellent Melodic Metal album that will appeal to both old and new fans! Available in both Black ($23/€20) and also have a few copies of the Limited edition Silver vinyl ($35/€30)!

    Sound clip: The Valley

    deliverance the subversive kidDELIVERANCE - The Subversive Kind
    Deliverance new album is a return to form with real Speed/Thrash! Available on limited red vinyl ($27/€22) and black vinyl ($20/€17)

    Holy Soldier Last Train on red and black vinyl!border=HOLY SOLDIER - Last Train
    Remastered and first time ever on LP! Great Melodic Metal! Available in both red (printed in 150 copies and costs $27/€22) and black (printed in 350 copies and costs $20/€17) vinyl. (in store)

    XT saved by the blood on LP!XT - Saved By The Blood
    XT's new album on LP! Excellent melodic heavy metal.($27/€22 in store)

    Guardian Fire And Love on both orange and black vinyl!GUARDIAN - Fire and Love
    Remastered and first time ever on LP! Great Melodic Metal with some the best metal power ballads ever! Available in both orange (printed in 200 copies and costs $27/€22) and black (printed in 300 copies and costs $20/€17) vinyl. (in store)

    sacred warior master's command for fans of Queensryche and Fates Warning!SACRED WARRIOR - Master's Command
    Extremely cool cover! One of the best Heavy Metal albums ever! Black vinyl printed in 200 copies only. ($20/€17 )

    theocracy ghost ship white vinyl Theocracy - Ghost Ship LP
    Finally Theocracy has released their brand new album! Excellent Power Metal with word class production as usual. The double LP is released in two versions. Black LP in just 750 copies and white in a limited edition of just 251 copies only! Costs $20/€17 for the black and $23/€20 for the white. in store)

    narnia lp gatefold Narnia - Narnia LP
    Narnia's brand new album is the best they have released since Long Live The King! Great Melodic Metal with enjoyable melodiesand fantastic guitar solos. Very good looking professional LP (gatefold) with a fantastic cool cover! ($20/€17) in store

    deliverance weapons lp Deliverance - Weapons of Our Warfare LP
    Finally got this Speed/Thrash Metal classic in store again! It is also one of the coolest covers ever. This is the very last copies of the LP so don't wait too long... ($33/€28)

    stryper fallen lp stryper fallen lp Stryper - Fallen LP
    Stryper's latest album on double LP with gatefold! Printed in 1554 ex.($27/€22) in store

    harmony theatre of redemption lp Harmony - Theatre of Redemption LP
    Latest album with Harmony. Limited to 500 copies.($20/€17)

    theocracy pε bildvinylTHEOCRACY - Theocracy
    Cool gatefold double LP with very beautiful quality print. Limited to 500 copies.($20/€17)

    thwtdangelcovermini.jpgStryper - To Hell With The devil Melodic Metal at its finest. This is the cool Angel cover in Gatefold version. ($20/€17) in store

    STRYPER - Yellow and Black Attack (blue vinyl)
    Special version of first album on blue vinyl with a circular cover shaped after the LP! ($20/€17)

    strypershapedmini.jpgSTRYPER - Shaped Picture Disc 7"
    Megacool LP shaped after the the Stryper logotype!! Features the tracks Always There For You and In God We Trust. This has to be the coolest of all cool special LP and singles the band have released! ($20/€17) in store

    interviewpicturediscmini.jpgSTRYPER - Interview Picture Disc
    Exclusive Picture Disc with pictures of på Michael Sweet and Timothy Gaines! The album contains a very interesting 45 minute interview with Michael Sweet.($20/€17) in store

    thwtdpicturediscmini.jpgSTRYPER - To Hell With The Devil Picture Disc Megacool Numbered Picture Disc with pictures from the band members printed on the LP! ($33/€28)

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